Responsible business ingrained in our corporate DNA

Here at RD bud we believe that the operations of our company should not only generate financial results, but should also deliver benefits for the environment which we are a part of. And that is why we have been consistently using our potential both to achieve business goals and to do things which are truly important - always acting with full respect for ethical and moral principles.

Our CSR policy is based on four pillars:


As a General Contractor with 20 years of experience under our belts, we feel obliged to support the young generation of builders. That is why, we willingly cooperate with academic and student clubs, supporting their initiatives and efforts geared towards vocational development, which is often associated with the development of the industry as a whole. Warsaw University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering students are no strangers to our construction sites.



Business partners

RD bud strategy is based on building long term relations with partners. Our business must-haves entail ensuring that these are at least good. That is why we assume an individual approach to each and every project, whilst remaining open to our partner's needs. All investments which we undertake are performed with customer satisfaction, care for the environment, timely execution and quality of works in mind.


RD bud are its people - our workers. We believe they are the foundation of a modern and stable business. They make it possible for our organisation to achieve its goals and ensure that we are seen as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Aware of that fact, we pay a lot of attention to ensuring that the atmosphere is conducive to creative thinking, and for the work itself to facilitate individual professional development. Such an attitude means that our workers feel satisfied, which they often reciprocate by willingly identifying with the company and its mission.


Local communities

As a company which specialises in the performance of projects often located in strict city centres, we are aware of the impact of our works on the appearance of the surroundings. By inviting talented youths from Wrocław, Warsaw and Toruń to work with us, we managed to show that fences do not necessarily have to separate, but they can also connect.



One of the fundamental principles we follow on a daily basis is respect for the environment. As we believe that outstanding structures - in terms of style and functionality - can only be constructed if a balance between technological advancement and environmental protection is found. Thus, we execute all investments in full compliance with the High Quality Environmental (HQE) standard. Wherever possible we recycle waste in order to reduce our impact on the environment. We also take the initiative by compiling an annual carbon balance, which provides us with information on the quantity of greenhouse gasses which we managed not to emit as a result of our operations. Globally speaking, in 2012 we were behind the "Partnership across all stages of a sustainable construction investment's life cycle" project which promotes the eco-friendly construction concept.


In the pursuit of our business goals, one cannot turn a blind eye to that which is going on around. Since 2012, we've been working with the Dreams Come True Foundation - the Onco-Olympiad is the largest project which we sponsor. It provides multi-pronged assistance to alleviate the psychological and mental consequences of oncological treatment suffered by children and their families.




„The price of greatness is responsibility"

Winston Churchill