Rabot Dutilleul Group

Founded in the city of Lille (France) in 1920, the Rabot Dutilleul group has, in the course of time, developed a broad range of skills enabling it to design and complete any kind of real estate project. The company’s know-how in property development, construction and building maintenance makes it a versatile player in its fi eld, thus establishing it as one of the top ten French construction groups.

Present in most parts of France, Rabot Dutilleul also operates in Belgium and Poland where it generates 20% of its sales.

The Rabot Dutilleul group is an independent family business. It nurtures distinctive corporate values underpinned by the collective efforts of its 2 000 employees and the development of long-lasting relationships with its partners. The Group’s focus on sustainable development projects refl ects the importance the Group places on the environmental and social impact of its activity.

 Grupa Rabot Dutilleul

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