We've been constructing your living space for 20 years!

It is 20 years since we entered a construction site to execute our first investment. Let's re-live it together!

Two decades of market presence inadvertently translate into a wealth of experience which puts us in a position to successfully face challenges such as building works on an operational facility, construction in a crowded city centre or projects which entail multiple BREEAM certifications. Upon closer inspection of our portfolio, our tightly knit relationship with the retail market becomes clear. We've completed tens of retail projects. Be that as it may, that is not the only field within which we are comfortable - everyone who knows us, will confirm that interdisciplinary is our middle name. That is one of the reasons why we enjoy the trust of investors such as: Mayland Real Estate, Unibail Rodamco, Castorama Polska, Yareal Polska, B&B Hotels, Royal Canin and Petit Forestier, to name a few. However, let's start from the beginning...

Zakłady produkcyjne Faurecia w Grójcu1997 | Expansion of Rabot Dutilelul, a French construction and developer group leads to the establishment of Rabot Dutilleul Polska, today referred to as RD bud.

In July, the General Contractor performs its first job - "turnkey" construction of Faurecia production plant in Grójec. From that moment on, industrial facilities became one of RD bud's key areas. More production plants are added to the portfolio, such as L’Oreal near Warsaw, Woodward and Royal Canin in Niepołomice, as well as Michelin in Olsztyn and Nutricia in Opole.

Castorama w Radomiu1998 | That year marks the start of RD bud's great adventure with the retail sector.It was then that the Castorama Polska gave the benefit of the doubt to the General Contractor, entrusting it with a "turnkey" construction of its stores at ul. Głębocka in Warsaw and in Wrocław’s Bielany. As it turned out, that was only the prelude to long lasting cooperation, the results of which we can see today in many Polish cities.

The same year the General Contractor begins the construction of its first shopping centre - GEANT in Toruń.

Hotel B&B Wrocław Centrum1999 | RD bud makes another industry début. The company signs a contract for a "turnkey" construction of a 3-star Ibis hotel at ul. Ostrobramska in Warsaw. Today the Rabot Dutilleul group company has a whole series of such projects under to its name. These include Campanile in Lublin and Poznań, Ibis Budge hotel in Toruń as well as hotels for the French B&B chain in Toruń, Warsaw, Wrocław, Katowice and even in Germany - in Berlin and Munich.

2000 | We are consistently adding new projects to our portfolio: service stations, car showrooms and logistics facilities.

2003 |  Our first renovation - the French Embassy Building in Warsaw. More jobs follow in the footsteps of this one - a refurbishment of prestigious Orbis Group buildings such as the Grand Hotel in Sopot or the Novotel Hotel in Gdańsk.

Biurowiec Mokotowska Square w Warszawie2005 | Eric Agnello takes up the helm of RD bud, and as the Director General he takes the company onto a path of accelerated growth.

2007 | We commence the construction of our first office project - Cristal Park in Warsaw, which turns out to be the first in a long series of jobs which resulted from its cooperation with Yareal Polska. The two companies come together once again in 2009, bound by a contract to revitalise the Mokowska Square office building in Warsaw which opens a new chapter in the life of the General Contractor entitled "certified constructions". The investment in the capital is awarded the BREEAM certificate, and shortly after, Oxygen Park., an office building erected in Warsaw follows in its footsteps. It seems very likely that very soon further investment will join this duo - currently RD bud is pursuing two "turnkey" office building projects in Warsaw - Neopark and Nowogrodzka Square, which will ultimately comply with the BREEAM (Excellent) certificate requirements.

Centrum handlowe Riviera w Gdyni2010 | This year is a breakthrough year for the company. RD bud signs its first residential contract - the ELIZA Residence in Warsaw. However, this time is also unique for another reason. As the company won a contract for the expansion of CH RIVIERA in Gdynia (the former CH Wzgórze), it expanded the scope of its service by shopping centre modernisations. These complex construction processes - carried out on an operation facility - require advanced skills within the scope of construction site planning and management. Strefa food court w centrum handlowym Arkadia w WarszawieThe success in Pomerania brings about further large contracts - such as projects entailing modernisations of selected sections in well knows shopping centres in Warsaw, such as CH Arkadia or CH Promenada.

2012 | When the entire Poland is engaged with hosting the Football Championships, RD Instalacje Sp. z o.o., a subsidiary, is incorporated. The same year, RD bud is selected as the General Contractor for the Berlin-Airport, B&B hotel, expanding its petrographical reach. And it is not just a one-off. Between 2012 and 2016, RD bud erects two buildings in Berlin and one in Munich for the B&B Hotels chain, and another development in Berlin is also nearing its end.

2017 | RD bud is awarded the construction industry's most coveted prize - the golden "2017 Eagle of the Polish construction industry" statuette.

The 20th anniversary in the life of any one business is a proud moment, which could and should be celebrated - ideally surrounded by fellow employees and business partners, which made the success possible. On the 12th of October, RD bud, together with friends will celebrate at Warsaw's Reduta Banku Polskiego.